The Daily Song Club Internet Website

Join the Daily Song Club and get a song texted to you every morning. Text 'start' to (412) 419-2582 to sign up. Text 'stop' to leave.

When you find good music, text it to the club (same number: (412) 419-2582). Text an song/artist or a link or whatever. This is the neat part. Your input is used for the daily songs. You know, it's a club. That's like the whole point: for music lovers to share good music with each other.

A link to a song every morning, sourced from the community. That's it. Listen to music. Form your own opinions about the songs, if you want. But keep that opinion to yourself: There's no facebooks, tweeter's, or spaceplaces. Just SMS and this internet website thing.

If you join the club, you get new music texted to you and you get to share your finds with an active community of music lovers. We're just a little music club.