The Daily Song Club Internet Website

Answers To Questions You Might Have.

Who makes this happen?

Everybody! But it's moderated and paid for by the people who brought you Your Music Friend (dot com), if you knew what that site was. We are, at times: artists, touring musicians, audio engineers, graduate students, college dropouts, writers, poets, biochemical engineers, art historians, writers for music magazines, DJ's (the club kind), DJ's (the radio kind), programmers, and more.

The back end code stuff was written by a good friend and music lover Alec. Alec also brought us PhishOD and Relisten, which you should check out.

Is this service free?

We can't say that because message and data rates may apply. We can say that we don't charge you. Any cost is on your carrier/your plan, we can't help you there. If our bill for powering this service gets too high (texts are not free to send or receive, web hosting, etc), we might start asking for donations or sell neat merchandise, but we will never charge. (We will shut down before charging for a daily song.)

What do you want me to send you?

Tracks, Artists, Albums. Links to specific music is super cool too. Spam is totally not cool. Sending us a 100 messages at once is also not cool. Just keep us in the loop when you hear about something.

Why should I trust you with my phone number?

We wouldn't even know where to start if we wanted to do something malicious (which we don't). We will not share or sell your number to anyone. We don't link your number to any other data (such as names or ages or emails). Daily Music Club promises not to do anything other than send out one (or two, on accident or occasion) messages a day - excluding confirmation responses and messages during sign up. Text STOP at anytime to remove your number from the list.

Will I always like the songs posted?

Hopefully not. If so, it means we arn't challenging your music tastes enough! We have to go 'too far' so to speak, if we want to be put into a situation where we can be surprised with new good music. In other words, the goal of the music club is not to play it safe. If you want that, just go to the trending charts on some big music site or something.

How do I unsubscribe from Daily Song Club?

Text STOP at anytime to remove yourself from our database. That feature is baked in, even if this service explodes or something. And don't worry, you can always 'start' again. If you feel there is some problem, send an email to and we'll get it resolved.

I don't use spotify. What do I do?

Copy and paste the artist/track name and get searching. We like to send links out via Spotify, YouTube, or SoundCloud, since we can usually find songs that the artists themselves uploaded and perhaps receive at least some royalty from. We try to do right by the artists while providing our service, and that means sticking to platforms that have licensing deals or are otherwise approved by the artist, to the best of our ability.

When should I send in music?

When you find something. You're new jam, so to speak. Don't go digging around through your library like it's your job - we don't want that. But when a new great song, artist, or album passes your tracks; send a line to the club. We appreciate it. Of course, you never need to send music into us. You can be a ghost, a drifter, a watcher; worried that the new Bieber album isn't hip enough for the daily song club. Relax, because 1) the new Bieber album is actually pretty good (no shame) and 2) you're protected with anonymity. Daily song club is a judgment free zone.

Is this club secretly just a way for you to get people to text you new music?


If this is a club, why don't I know anyone? Shouldn't this be more social?

We made the decision to value privacy over a sense of community. We chose not to get involved with social media because, I mean, yuck. What even.

Can you please tweet out the songs?


Can you please post to facebook the songs?


Can you please post to xyz site?

We aren't touching social media platforms. If you pay for texts in a per-text capacity, then maybe this service isn't the best fit for you? Sorry. You can see today's song over on the homepage.

Why did this song/artist/album repeat?

Nobody said repeats aren't allowed.

I don't like xyz song.

That means you are forming your own opinions. That's a good thing.

How should I put Daily Song Club into my phone contacts?

Name: Daily Song Club.
Number: (412) 419-2582.

Feel free to scan this vCard QR code thing with your phone box. That will give you a thing to add us to your contacts. Take a photo of the nearest speakers for a contact image.

There was a typo/spelling mistake today!


There was no song today!


Is this daily song club or daily music club?

Daily Song Club. redirects to so that people can be forgetful and still find the homepage.